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Guangzhou Oemy Environmental Friendly PackagingCo., Limited, specialized in custom fully biodegradableand home compostable flexible packaging in
Guangzhou city , China.We started the fully
biodegradable packaging manufacturing since 2017.


Our mission is offering thoughtful, ethically , fully degradable and home compostable packaging thatallow people to reduce pollution and re-imagine the world we live in.

From design draft to production , our team would fully communicate the details, ensuring each linkcan meet the requirements of clients.

Our company also provides packaging design services, You have ideas,we have designer stand by.

We has strict quality inspection procedures for raw materials to ensure that the raw materials are foodsafe and biodegradable

Our workshop covers an area of 1800 square meters, has 8-color printing machine, high-speedaminating machine, various bag making machines and other equipment, and can customize variousackaging bags. Such as heat-resistant bags, freezer bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, kraftoaper bags, self-supporting zipper bags, eight-side-seal zipper bags, three-side-seal bags, back-seabags, etc.


We use 100% fully bio degradable materials instead ofplastics , such PBAT, PLA to make a variety of packaging bagsWe use all environmentallyfriendly water-based inks, which are both environmentallyfriendly and safe.

Printing technician with more than 15 vears of printing experience.He operates the printing machine professionallythe text printing is accurate, color printing is accurate, and the color does not overflow.

All the materials we use have biodegradable certification, compostable certification and food safety contactcertification.

At present, our customized fully biodegradable packaging bags are used in packaging coffee beans.coffee powdertea,clothes, dried fruits, pet food,electronic products, etc.

When the packaging bags are out of use, they can be degraded into fertile soil within a ear and absorbed by plantslt' s really come from nature and return to nature.

Products will go through various tests before leaving the factory, At the same time, our after-sales service is alsoprofessional and responsible. The customers who have worked with us can basically maintain long-termcooperation, which is based on theirtrustin us.

Welcome to customize fully biodegradable flexible packaging ,Keep the planet green, we can do somethingtogether.

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